Our 8-step product development process provides the framework for innovative yet practical design work.
Following this process in a logical step-by-step manner, ensures that nothing is overlooked and more importantly, each project is run as efficiently as possible.

Strategic design thinking and user centred design are two principles that we use throughout the design process to ensure that each brief is being interpreted correctly and executed with the end goal in mind.

There is no substitute for good market research. we often consider Alexander Manu's systems thinking approach to identifying the 'BIG IDEA' , often asking the questions, what are we trying to achieve with this idea /product?, What human factors need to be considered and what environmental and economic factors play a role?'. Essentially, we define the project strategy and execute with a clear set of parameters.

It is through this process that we can better understand our client's objectives and deliver accordingly.


An innovative product display solution is just as important as the product itself! From increasing the perceived value of the item through to the brand’s communication strategy, the right display will have a great influence on the failure or success of the product in retail.

We work with customers that understand the importance of good design in the retail space. As an industrial design company, we have a unique understanding of the retail environment and will ensure that your product and brand are represented appropriately,

From concept design, through to manufacturing and logistics, we manage the entire process in-house.

Contact us for the following marketing products.
Innovative retail display units
Table mounted display stands
Interactive display stands
In-store communication tools


The Product Development Company (TPDC) is a multi-disciplinary design firm, based in Kyalami, Johannesburg.
We focus on helping clients develop innovative, cost effective products that are on-trend, competitive and patentable! With a wealth of experience and expertise, our diverse team of designers, each with a unique set of skills, work together to create innovative, functional and unique products for the international market.

Apart from developing products for clients, we also have our own range of products that we have taken to market. This has allowed us to better understand the retail and distribution markets, both in SA and abroad.

The beauty about TPDC is that we provide a complete turnkey solution, from concept development right through to batch manufacturing. With experience in injection moulding, rotational moulding, vacuum forming, sheet-metal fabrication and electronical design, our team of designers can provide valuable insight with regards to suitable materials, and manufacturing processes.




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